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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Tangerine Dream - Thief Film Cue Music

1. Diamond Diary (film cue mix with rain effects) 00:00
 - remix of previously released and unreleased music
2. Gags and Fairy Tales (film cue mix) 11:20
 - previously unreleased
3. Life Vision (film cue mix) 12:55
 - previously unreleased
4. Habeas Corpus (film cue mix - variant of Scrap Yard) 16:44
 - previously unreleased
5. The Fifth Alarm (film cue mix - variant of Diamond Diary) 18:52
 - previously unreleased
6. The Break In (film cue_remix of Thru Metamorphic Rocks)* 23:54
7. Beach Scene (extended film cue mix) 32:00
 - remix of previously released and unreleased music
8. Dr. Destructo 1 (film cue mix) 39:11
 - previously unreleased
9. Car Lot Ambush (film cue_remix of Thru Metamorphic Rocks)* 41:25
 - remix of previously released music
10. Back to Work Frank (film cue mix_variation on Kiew Mission intro from Exit) 44:32
 - previously unreleased
11. Dr. Destructo 2 (extended remix of soundtrack album and film cue versions) 46:51
 - remix of previously released and unreleased music
12. Confrontation (film cue mix - Craig Safan composition/unknown guitarist)† 51:43
 - previously unreleased

This music was mixed together from the surround sound stems extracted from the Criterion Blu Ray 5.1 channels, with a few sections of music mixed in from official soundtrack. It also includes the music heard in the film that was remixed from the 1979 Tangerine Dream album Force Majeure. The versions of those tracks here are the film versions, not the 1979 album versions. Some of the film score cues are not exactly as they appear in the film because I had to take some artistic license in mixing them in order to remove sound effects and dialogue, while attempting to keep the musicality intact. 

* The original version of this track appears on the 1979 album Force Majeure
† Tangerine Dream does not play on this track, but the sound was influenced by TD and the Pink Floyd song Comfortably Numb.

Edgar Froese – guitar, keyboards, electronic equipment
Christopher Franke – synthesizers, electronic equipment, electronic percussion
Johannes Schmoelling – keyboards, electronic equipment
Klaus Krieger – percussion on "Thru Metamorphic Rocks" (recorded 1978)

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